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Salam MGU

Muscle teacher and strengthener

Salam MGU


The Salam MGU (ugul therapy)  is used to teach the cerebral palsy child the normal pattern of movement and to strengthen muscles associated to the pattern.  
By induction of resistive force (weights) and avoiding compensatory movements from ( weakened or affected group of muscles), while gravitational force is eliminated, the exercise can be focused on a particular proper movement.
Strengthening needs the following : - 
1- Active motion.
2- Full rang on motion or maximum.
3- Reaching up to the point of fatigue.
4- Resistance should be above physiological limits and below failure limits.
5- Isolated muscle action.
Why we develop our Salam MGU?
Our cerebral palsy child has weakness and we need to strengthen his muscles and the multi gym is the proper way, but normal multi gym can't be used because it needs stable person who can sit at least and make isolated motion not synergy.

For this reason we develop the Salam multi gym unit to provide the child with the above mentioned abilities.