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Prices and Booking

Manage your online booking for convenient program according to the initial evaluation. Our website not only makes everything convenient for you it puts you in control.

Prices and Booking

Prices & Sessions Schedule

Each session is ONE  an hour, costs  150 LE.
Type and number of the daily sessions are according to the case, determined after the evaluation.
Maximum session per day is 6 sessions.
First Dr Sallam evaluate the patient. Then he determine the type and maximum number of the daily sessions, that represent the maximum benefits, then the parent can choose fewer sessions according to their abilities. maximum sessions mean maximum benefits.

We offer accommodation in our center we have 40 double separate rooms. Each room has its special bathroom.
Each room with furniture costs 3000 LE.
the price of accommodation is all inclusive (water, electricity

Examples for the whole program :-

We have special discount to our session if you pur chase them in as package

You can use them in a month or more    


one month program daily except Friday =26 days

No. of sessions

course without accommodation in Egyptian pound

course without accommodation in US Dollars










80 and more



One American Dollar = 17.6 Egyptian pound LE

Due to the limited number of patients that can be uniquely served and accepted per session, placements will be on first come, first serve basis and confirmed by receipt of a 10% deposit of the total amount of the session.


A video tape showing the ability of the patient (crawling, sitting, walking, etc.), along with x-rays of the hip, feet and any other bone problems, medical reports, and an application form to be sent to the center for preliminary evaluation and qualification.

Terms of Payment  :

- 10% of the total amount to be paid upon notification of acceptance and 

Balance amount to reach our account 45 days prior to session start date

Sessions schedule for 2018

The 6 hours sessions run daily from 8:30 AM. to 3:00 PM.

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