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About Us

Our programs touch the needs of handicapped children around the globe in positive ways. As a unique center, we support innovation and competitiveness in pediatric physical therapy across the world.

About Us

The cerebral palsy and pediatric physical therapy center was founded in August 2003 by a Dr. Wail Salam who is the pediatric physical therapist since June 1992.  Dr. Salam raised from Egypt struggled to find quality of therapies for his patients, forcing him to travel around the world, Russia, Hungary, USA, France, Ukraine, Canada, Jordan, China, Greece, Italy, Holland and Turkey.    seeking out the best available treatment.

Sunrise center offers the most new creative treatment method for cerebral palsy, through adopting Salam method; Intensive Physical Therapy Method (IPTM), utilizing  Bungy suit, spider therapy, MGU therapy, Peto tools and other several devices.

IPTM is six hour/day, 6 days/week except Friday, for successive 4 weeks.

Last but not least we offer online consultation that allow any person at any country to contact Dr. Salam to offer the treatment at your home with the least price, time and effort.