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Go and see we have 200 miracles in the video before and after intensive suit therapy

SUNRISE CENTER is proud to introduce a New Method of treatment for cerebral palsy (CP) "intensive suit therapy". The new method of treatment of cerebral palsy utilizes the application of Bungy suit, spider (beam therapy),  multi gym unite (Ugul), hydrotherapy, bike ridging, weightless walking device, conductive education tools (Peto),Apitherapy, Hippotherapy, vestibulator , Black sand bath therapy and remodeling technique.
We use unique intensive suit therapy program for each unique case. The results of our intensive suit therapy program are miracles and we are the only center in the world which has
video before and after the intensive suit therapy.

SUNRISE CENTER is offering maximum 6 days a week, 6 and half hrs. a day of Intensive suit Therapy program utilizing Bungy suit, Spider( beam therapy), Multi Gym Unit (Ugul), Cooling Down Therapy,Vestibultor , Hippotherapy, Black sand bath therapy and Hydrotherapy.

 A unique intensive suit therapy program for each unique case.

CENTER is the fourth in the world, and the first in the Middle East and Africa in utilizing the intensive Suit Therapy. Since we introduced the program in August 2003, we have treated over 3000 cases from different countries of the World from Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Emirates, Katter, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, india, France, Czech, England and USA

Our aim is to help cerebral palsy (CP) patients to reach their ultimate abilities and live independently 


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Sunrise and the Sunshine therapy Center in USA will be working together to make the "Intensive suit therapy available to all"
Sunshine therapy is huge center in USA offer all kind of treatment for CP children and other neuromuscular disorder.

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